Halo Infinite Rumored to Have RPG Elements and a Story That Adapts to User Decisions

Halo Xbox Series X Infinite

Apparently today is the day for Microsoft-related rumors! As we’ve already reported, Microsoft might be unveiling their next-gen Xbox consoles at E3 2019, and Xbox Game Pass and some other Microsoft-published titles may be on their way to the Nintendo Switch. Well, now we also have a few juicy Halo Infinite details for you.

According to Brad Sams at Thurrott, who’s been a rock-solid source of Xbox-related rumors in the past, Halo Infinite may be incorporating more RPG elements than past entries in the series. In fact, the game is said to have a branching story, which will adapt to the player’s decisions. A rather interesting direction for Halo to take, as story isn’t necessarily what the series is best-known for. But hey, the Halo franchise actually has some fairly deep lore, so maybe they can do something interesting with it.

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Elsewhere in the Thurrott article, Brad Sams confirms that Microsoft’s new Scarlett family of consoles will, at the very least, be discussed at E3 2019, although don’t expect super-specific details like pricing. Overall, it sounds like it’s going to be a blockbuster show for Microsoft, with the company already locking down announcements and exclusives several months out. As a reminder, Sony is completely skipping the show.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Microsoft is rumored to be working on several new pieces of hardware. Scarlett is the umbrella codename for Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox projects, which include two different consoles --  one codenamed Lockhart, which is a less-powerful Xbox One S equivalent, and one named Anaconda, which is a souped-up Xbox One X successor. These new consoles aren’t expected to launch until the latter half of 2020.

So, what do you think? Does and RPG-flavored Halo sound like a good idea, or should the series just stick to the basics? Are you excited for Microsoft’s E3 2019 showing?

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