Microsoft Rumored to be Working on 4 Different New Xbox Consoles for Release in 2019/2020

Xbox Series S

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the new Xbox hardware rumors. Microsoft is said to be working on both traditional disc-based and streaming only-machines under a variety of codenames – Scarlett, Anthem, Anaconda. Well, things are about to get even more baffling! According to Brad Sams at Thurrott, who’s been the source for many the recent Xbox rumors, Microsoft is working on no less than four new Xbox SKUs, all of which have their own codenames. So, let’s try our best to unravel this, shall we?

First off, Scarlett is the umbrella codename for all of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox projects. It doesn’t refer to any one specific console. Now, we’re going to get into bullet points, just to keep things as clear as possible…

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  • Microsoft is said to be working on two traditional next-gen Scarlett consoles. One, codenamed Anaconda, is the next-gen equivalent of the Xbox One X – a powerful machine for enthusiasts.
  • The other Scarlett console is codenamed Lockhart, and it’s designed to be the equivalent of the Xbox One S – a less-expensive option for the more mainstream gamer. Both Anaconda and Lockhart are expected to launch sometime in 2020.
  • Before either of their traditional next-gen consoles come out, Microsoft is planning to release a disc-less streaming-only console codenamed Maverick. This isn’t part of the Scarlett line and it may arrive as soon as Spring of 2019, although plans can change.
  • Finally, Microsoft is also prepping another revision of the Xbox One S – this version of the console will be redesigned to reduce manufacturing costs and be focused largely on xCloud streaming, but it will still have a traditional disc drive. Expect it in 2019.

Phew! Got all that? In addition to the details above, Microsoft is also said to be assembling a new development platform named GameCore that will make Xbox game creation faster and easier. Of course, we’re still very much in Rumorland here, so take this all with a grain of salt, although Brad Sams/Thurrott seem to know what they’re talking about. Assuming the scuttlebutt is on the level, it sure sounds like Microsoft is planning to enter the next-gen ring swinging!

What do you think? Do these rumors seem plausible? Do you like the idea of Microsoft releasing multiple consoles for different audiences, or would you prefer they consolidate and stick to one main machine?

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