Halo Infinite Joint Fire Event Kicked Off; Runs Through January 31 and Packs Free 10-tier Event Pass

Aernout van de Velde
Halo Infinite Joint Fire Event

Microsoft and 343 Industries have kicked off the new Halo Infinite Joint Fire Event, packing a free 10-tier event pass.

The previously-announced event will run till January 31 and offers a new asymmetrical mode for players to enjoy featuring Halo Reach's FO-class Mjolnir. The 10-event pass includes Halo-Reach-themed rewards.

"Covert One Flag is 4v4 CTF with one flag up for grabs over multiple rounds", 343 Industries writes on the official Halo Waypoint blog. "Attackers have unlimited active camouflage while defenders have unlimited threat sensors, with plenty of cat ‘n’ mouse “spies versus mercenaries” carnage to ensue."

"Playable across Arena maps in Halo Infinite (including the recently added Empyrean, the remake of Halo 3’s The Pit), your mission is simple: Jump into the Joint Ops playlist, complete Event Challenges to progress your free 10-tier Event Pass, and assemble the pieces of your fancy new JFO armor!"

An interesting new multiplayer event for players to try out.

Halo Infinite is available globally now for Xbox and PC. The shooter was released back in December of 2021 after various delays. Here's what we had to say about the game in our review.

Halo Infinite is, in my opinion, the best game of the series. While still faltering in the narrative, character development, and exposition, it improves earlier titles. Combat is entertaining and engaging, with improvements made across the board, but mention must go to new abilities like the grappling hook. The move to an open world helps the game stand apart, with added freedom to take the fight to your enemies and a vast arsenal of weapons and vehicles to bring into battle. While it slips up on a few occasions, from somebody who has never been part of the Halo fan club, this has given me a glimpse of what could be great things to come.


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