Halo Infinite Forge’s Huge Potential Showcased by 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Forge

While Halo Infinite fans were certainly disappointed after learning 343 Industries had axed the scheduled addition of local co-op (even though there actually is a way to play the game that way thanks to a menu glitch), they might at least rejoice for the upcoming introduction of the long-awaited Forge mode.

A staple of the series ever since, the map editing tool will be much more powerful in Halo Infinite, as detailed by 343 Industries in a new video. There are new features like duplication, scaling, undo and redo to make life easier for map creators.

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What we have here is the starting for Foundation, in campaign, but we recreated it in Halo Infinite Forge. My goal for this was to make an experience that's similar to what we see in campaign and to show off the power of what Forge can achieve in this.

Prior, in Halo 5, we could only dream to do something like this. So to be able to have this now
and to build, to create these very rich environments is a huge blessing for anyone that's forging.

[...] We have a bunch of different tools. The one that I used for this quite a bit was magnets. It was really great to be able to snap the hexes together to be able to get on the right grid.

We also have duplication. Since this is a lot of repeating objects, duplicating, so having to go in spawn in a new object, I'm able to just duplicate what I currently have and kind of rearrange the objects.

If you didn't like that addition, we also have undo-redo for the first time. So if I fat finger something or whatever, I can just click undo and it'll go back to the steps. Or if I want to put it back, I can hit redo. That's a first. That was a huge community wishlist when I first started here. It was top of my quality of life update stuff. It was like number one.

We've got another cool feature I'd love to talk about, which is scaling. I have some objects that I utilized for making this space. Any of the stuff I can grab, and then I can scale it down or upwards, or I can also scale it by plane.

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Additionally, the developers confirmed that the budget for object placement has greatly increased in Halo Infinite. Whereas Halo 5's Forge was limited to around 1600 objects, this new version allows up to 7000 objects.

The Forge mode will be introduced as a beta with the Winter update coming to Halo Infinite on November 8th.

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