Halo Infinite Axes Local Co-op; Forge to be Released on November 8

Halo Infnite

To call Halo Infinite's post-launch a mess would be putting it lightly, all things considered. It’s had delayed patches, speedrun strategies removed, and fans will not be getting missing features like local co-op (a feature almost all of the previous titles had). It’s on the topic of local co-op that a rather depressing update was released.

Local co-op will not be a reality anymore, and instead, the resources meant for that will be put into other aspects of the project. This news comes from 343 Industries’ monthly Halo Infinite update, and at about 11:45 in this month’s iteration, Joseph Staten (creative lead on Halo Infinite) breaks the news.

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Local co-op being axed when previous Halo games had them is quite a baffling thought when you really think about it. However, this isn’t 343 Industries’ first time doing this; Halo 5: Guardians lacked this feature as well. However, it did at least have an online co-op component. Halo Infinite looks to remain the same way as Halo 5 with the axing of local co-op.

Not everything is all doom and gloom for Halo Infinite. Forge will be coming soon, a powerful creative mode enabling players to make their own content essentially. Forge’s launch also has a release date, which is November 8th, 2022. 343 Industries will also release two new maps, which were designed using the tools inside the Forge game mode.

The online co-op feature for Halo Infinite will release on the same day, which means you can still enjoy the campaign with a friend. Other new additions include Covert One Flag, which has asymmetrical loadouts for players, and the Match XP feature, allowing players to level up alongside the 30-tier battle pass. Match XP will arrive this Winter, though.

We’ll continue to update as more information is released. Halo Infinite is available on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Windows 10 Store.

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