Halo Infinite Split Screen Co-op is Possible Thanks to a Menu Glitch on Xbox Series

Ule Lopez
Halo Infinite

So it seems like the Halo Infinite couch co-op might be possible to do after all. You read that right. It seems like the 343 Industries game still has some remnants of the mode that never came to be after an announcement a few days ago. All you need to be able to play this game locally is an Xbox Series X or S and a friend in Menus.

In the video shown below, you can see a Twitter user showing off the steps to play Halo Infinite cooperatively and locally through a menu glitch. It's a fairly complex process, so let's allow this video (with ZZ Top - La Grange playing in the background) to explain it:

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And yes, you're not reading this wrong. You can play through the full thing without any crashes in the cutscenes or AI issues. It's certainly not the official way to play the game with couch co-op, but we're pretty certain that it's the last thing anyone wanting to play the game with their friends has in their minds.

Even cooler than this, this glitch can be used to play with up to four players seamlessly. Watch as @TheScritzCure shows off this feature with four different players below:

Unfortunately, it seems like this method of enabling couch co-op can only be available for users on the Xbox Series side of things. Also, some of the more savvy users among us will know that this isn't exactly new, as the split-screen co-op "feature" has been discovered since the launch of Halo Infinite's campaign.

Still, it's nice to know that there's a way to play Halo Infinite with your buds even though 343 officially will not implement it. At the very least Forge Mode is still coming up unless even that gets delayed or something. Halo Infinite is currently available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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