GUNNIR’s Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 Custom Models Now Available, Beautiful Designs In Black & Blue

Hassan Mujtaba

There's no doubt that GUNNIR is Intel's top AIB for their Arc graphics cards and as such, they have some of the nicest looking Arc A770 & Arc A750 designs ready for today's grand launch.

Intel's Arc A770 & Arc A750 Custom Designs From GUNNIR Come In Beautiful Black & Blue Designs

For today's launch, GUNNIR is introducing a total of five new graphics cards under its Photon and FLUX families. These include two Arc A770 and three Arc A750 models. Keeping the tradition alive of offering custom graphics cards at launch like they did with the Arc A380, GUNNIR's Arc A770 & Arc A750 will feature a fully non-reference PCB and cooler design. Sure the Limited Edition variant from Intel itself is a looker but those who want something extra will have the option with the FLUX and Photon series.

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So coming to the models, the Intel Arc FLUX series from GUNNIR will have four variants, all of which feature a factory overclock but the difference between the variants is that two are Black "Flux K" & two are Blue "Flux B" colored. Both are absolutely stunning with a glossy matte finish and the triple fan design in a 2-slot package is really aesthetically pleasing after getting two years of 2.5 and 3-slot cards. All cards, whether the A770 or A750, feature a dual 8-pin setup whereas the Limited Edition by Intel comes with an 8+6-pin connector configuration.


The GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 comes in an additional Photon custom design which is a slightly toned-down version. It retains the triple-fan and dual-slot design and has the triangular RGB accent plate on the side but lacks the RGB accent strip that the Flux series comes with. All models come with a 2.4 GHz overclocked frequency and come with 8 GB memory capacities. This means that Intel's own Arc A770 Limited Edition is currently the only model with 16 GB VRAM capacities.


All five models are currently listed on Chinese and Videocardz has managed to round up the prices as below:

  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 FLUX B (Blue) 8G OC: 2799 RMB (2699 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 FLUX K (Black) 8G OC: 2799 RMB (2699 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 FLUX B (Blue) 8G OC: 2699 RMB (2599 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 FLUX K (Black) 8G OC: 2699 RMB (2599 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 Photon 8G OC: 2599 RMB (2499 RMB sale)

That's around $370 US for the GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 FLUX and $350 US for the GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 models. Surely the prices are a bit higher than the MSRP suggested by Intel but it should be pointed out that these prices include regional tax and as was the case with the GUNNIR Intel Arc A380, they are in line with the MSRPs set by the blue team for the Asia Pacific market. Other AICs will also be introducing their custom graphics cards for Intel's first discrete GPU family later today.

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