Guide to Enable Two Step Verification on Apple ID / iCloud / iTunes

Rafia Shaikh

Finally Apple has rolled out the much-focused-on two-step verification for Apple ID (iTunes, iCloud, App Store, etc). Two-step verification is one of the very essential initiatives to make it lot more difficult for someone with malicious intents to get access of your ID. This additional security layer has been one of the key selling point for Gmail for quite a time now along with Facebook, Dropbox
and many other tech companies.

At the moment, the two-step verification is only introduced for users in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The process is entirely optional right now, but Apple might make it a mandatory step after a while. This security measures triggers an authentication process while making purchases or logging into on a new device, generating a random four-digit code to complete the authorization process.

If you want to enable this additional security layer, the process is relatively straight forward. Check out the steps below to enable two step verification on Apple ID and sport a more secure account!

1- Visit the My Apple ID page and select Manage your Apple ID button from the right side of the site. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials where you want to enable the two-step process.

2- From the left-side menu, select Password & Security option from the resulting left hand menu and select Get Started under Two-Step Verification.

3- Now you will be shown some basic explanation of the verification process involving the user to identify themselves through the use of an iOS device in the future using a recovery key. Here, select Continue to proceed.

4- Click on Continue again on the next page which shows a bit more information about the verification process.

5- Now you will be shown some warning messages. Click on Get Started to continue with the process.

6- Now during the actual setting, you will need to add an iOS device - or multiple devices - to your Apple account to grant that device permission to receive the four-digit code required for access. Select the device you'd like to verify. Note: You can add a device capable of receiving SMS which will give you the benefit of getting the verification code via text message.

7- A verification code will now be sent to you on your iOS device. Enter this random code on the two-step verification website to complete the process.

8- Now you will be given a Recovery Key which you should print or write to store in a safe place. Select Continue.

9- The last step involves the confirmation of the recovery key: type the key received in step 8 and hit Confirm. Agree to Apple’s terms & conditions now and click on Enable Two-Step Verification.

Great! The two-step verification process is now enabled on your Apple ID!

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