Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Shows New Foes and Friends, Including Cosmo the Space Dog

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Xbox Game Pass

One of the strengths of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is that it literally has an entire universe of colorful aliens and other weirdos to play with, and the latest trailer for the GOTG game shown at today’s PlayStation Showcase reveals some fun new friends and foes. We meet the all-powerful Worldmind, the sinister Universal Church of Truth, and the downright-adorable Cosmo the psychic space dog. Check out all the craziness for yourself, below.

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A little confused? That’s understandable. Here’s how Guardians of the Galaxy developer Eidos Montreal describes what you just saw

Our story takes place twelve years after an epic conflict known as the Galactic War swept through the cosmos. Star-Lord recently formed the Guardians of the Galaxy, they’ve been together for less than a year. He started the group as heroes-for-hire, seeing opportunity for adventure and profit in a universe that’s still recovering from the War.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of our game, they inadvertently set off a series of catastrophic events, that enables a grand organization known as the Universal Church of Truth to rise to prominence and begin to threaten the universe. They’re intent on bringing their so-called “Promise” to the galaxy, which according to them, will bring back everything that was lost in the Galactic War. Yeah, that’s pretty suspicious.

The Guardians realize that they’ll need to step up when no one else will. They’re a small team and they’re still coming together, so they’re going to need a lot of allies along the way. This is where Cosmo, one of the really fun characters in our game, gets involved. He is a dog that is also an extremely powerful telepath, which allowed him to become the head of security of Knowhere. Keeping Knowhere safe and operating smoothly isn’t just a job for Cosmo, and he feels strongly about his responsibility to the people living on the station. The Church is an obvious threat to the safety of Knowhere, so he’ll help the Guardians on their way to investigate the Church and the source of their power.

On their adventure, the Guardians will also come across the Nova Corps, a space militia that maintains peace in the galaxy. They’re headed by the Worldmind, a massive supercomputer composed of the minds and memories of the entire Xandar civilization. As the Guardians will find out, getting the Worldmind to help them isn’t going to be as straightforward as they expected. As the Guardians travel throughout the galaxy, they’ll also meet colorful characters such as Mantis, aka the Celestial Madonna in our universe, Kammy, a mysterious space alpaca, and many more.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy launches on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch (via the cloud) on October 26.

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