The Last Guardian Hasn’t Been Cancelled According to Scott Rohde

While there was a rumor yesterday where two prominent Russian video game journalists had confirmed that The Last Guardian had been scrapped, IGN may have jumped the gun when they may have said that The Last Guardian has been cancelled. Only minutes ago, PlayStation's Scott Rhodes has already debunked the rumor.


The Last Guardian has been creating quite a buzz lately, so much so that the name is even trending on Twitter for the first time in what I assume to be a VERY long time. While there have been constantly conflicting reports about the current state of The Last Guardian since the game has been through more circles of development hell that we can practically make a modern day version of Dante's Divine Comedy - Inferno. Scott Rhode who is a prominent staff member of PlayStation US went on to deliver a tweet that spoke volumes and even went on to be retweeted by the official Sony twitter account, meaning the game is still alive and kicking but also still stuck in limbo.

As you can see, While Sony may be hush about the current state or the presence of The Last Guardian, we at least know that we can continue waiting, maybe we can expect this game, Agent and Final Fantasy XV to be PS 20 launch titles, if most of us are alive by then that would definitely be a bonus. For now, we can go back to our state of constantly wondering "Where is The Last Guardian?" and we will get the same response from someone or the other that the game is on the way so all we can actually do is just keep on waiting, after all, we have been waiting for so many years, whats another few more? maybe even a couple of decades, right?

So, how old do you think you will be when The Last Guardian releases? I will definitely be in my late 70's and trying to play the game. What about you?

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