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The Last Guardian Movie Adaptation Rumored to Be in the Works


The Last Guardian could be getting a movie adaptation, according to film insider Daniel Richtman.

Max Borenstein, the writer of Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla II - King of the Monsters, as well as the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong and the Game of Thrones spin-off, will reportedly take care of the screenplay. Production will be handled by Kevin Misher's company, presumably alongside Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions, established last year specifically to add PlayStation IPs for cinema and TV.

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There's no concrete information yet on the cast, other than the fact that a 12-year-old kid is being searched for the protagonist role of Boy. There'll be two new characters, according to the rumor, a husband and wife couple searching for their missing daughter.

The Last Guardian released in December 2016 for PlayStation 4 after a long and troubled development phase. Still, it was worth it in the end as highlighted in Dave's review.

The Last Guardian offers something I don’t think I’ve ever experienced in games before – a relationship that feels very, very tangible. Trico implies so many things with his animations, his glances, his whines, the way he stomps his feet – he drips with more personality and charisma than any other game character in recent memory, and all of this can be put down to the fact that he’s not just an NPC, not simply an AI model you must direct about a stage, he feels like a friend. A special friend who cries when you are hurt, nuzzles you when you can stand, and demands his belly rubbed if you want him to do some jumps.

The Last Guardian is a game unlike any other, a journey of friendship, of loss, and of joy. It has its faults, but in ten, twenty or even thirty years time The Last Guardian will be remembered, when so many others will be forgotten, solely because unlike those, this is a game that will make you think and feel, instead of just act.