GTA Online Cash Reward Delayed Due To In-Game Issues

Fahad Arif

Rockstar has delayed the $500,000 GTA Online in-game cash stimulus. As promised by Rockstar earlier this month, those players who suffered initial bugs and server problems in GTA Online were to be awarded with a large sum of in-game cash but the developer has delayed the payout.

Rockstar Delays The $500,000 Payout Until Certain Bugs Are Fixed

In the initial launch days, GTA Online had a lot of bugs and server problems. The situation remained worse until Rockstar released an immediate update for the game to fix the problems and as a reward to the players who went through all this mess, Rockstar announced an in-game cash amount of $500,000 to be deposited into the in-game back accounts of the players. The amount was to be given in two deposits each of $250,000. To qualify for the reward, player must have played GTA Online at least one time in the month of October.

Although Rockstar had not given a specific date or time for the distribution of the cash among the players but due to restless attitude of the players it looked like the payout would soon start but now the developer has decided to delay the payout until certain issues and bugs are fixed in the game which are causing an unbalanced GTA Online gameplay.

The post on Rockstar Newswire confirms the delay, it also shows the reason behind the delay.

“We hope to have an update for you on that very soon. As others have mentioned here, we of course want to make sure player progress loss issues are addressed before providing everyone with their GTA$500K. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned.”

GTA Online players that were desperately waiting for the payout might get a little unhappy because of the delay. The half payout on repeating a mission was already a little upsetting news. Rockstar made the delay to prevent the in-game economy to get out of control, the in-game economy of GTA Online is already a bit out of control.

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