GTA V iCEnhancer Timecycle Mod Footage

Archie Paras

We have recently provided you with first screenshots from Hayssam Keilany, from his very first mod for GTA V. Keilany is best known for his iCEnhancer mods for GTA IV.

Jonathan Gustafsson gained access to the experimental version of the iCEnhancer Timecycle mod for GTA V, and shared two videos from it. Hayssam Keilany has made a few changes for the WIP version, such as removing the DOF noise effect, changing the sun color, changing the water and removing the post effects for each character.

You can watch the videos below:



Rockstar talks about mods for GTA V:

We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasion mod and original GTA map mod for GTAIV PC among many other classics. To be clear, the modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTAIV. Recent updates to GTAV PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications. This was not intentional, no one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods. Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing. It also bears mentioning that because game mods are by definition unauthorized, they may be broken by technical updates, cause instability, or affect your game in other unforeseen ways.

We have recently covered Rockstar's new EULA changes, and the banning of GTA V players who use mods, as well as the company's statement that cosmetic mods are not a bannable offense. Rockstar also appears to be banning the use of single player mods in GTA V too. On a positive note however you can check out how good GTA V looks at 6K.

We will bring you any new information on GTA V, as soon as it becomes available.




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