GTA V – Rockstar Banning Single Player Mods

A lot of players have been leaving bad comments and negative reviews for GTA V over at it's Steam listing, Some users were banned for using mods on GTA Online, while others have for using mods while playing in single player.

Steam user "Sumner" wrote:

“Single player is where it’s at! No wannabe ‘Rockstars’ to ruin your fun and give you a ban for the simplest things… Apparently there are people getting banned for modding in SP.”

Sangre said:

“If you thought you were going to get a GTA optimized for PC, forget it. Rockstar once again is doing everything in there power to stop single player mods and 3rd party patches, despite all of the aspects where the game is lacking”

Other users were more specific as some players have been using a mod called “FOV” in Grand Theft Auto V.

User Ronald McRegan explained:

“Being the “definitive edition” I expected it to take into account the strengths of PC gaming, including the ability to mod games. The worst example of this, and the main reason I gave it a negative review is the FOV mods. The default FOV is not natural for PC gamers, even at maximum settings it’s only able to see half the windscreen and half the side window when driving, and you have little awareness of your surroundings in first-person. If you try to fix this yourself with simple mods, your account is banned without warning for an unspecified period of time.”




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