GTA V Online Heists – New Teaser Trailer & Some Users Report They Can Update Already

Recently Rockstar Games published some tips on how to make an "easy" 10M$ with the long overdue GTA V Online Heists update, and yesterday a few users reported that they could already download the Heists patch, and it clocked in at 4.8GB on the Xbox One, and 1.2 GB on the Xbox 360, no word on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 size of the patch as of yet.

New Short Teaser Trailer Named "Armed Robbery" for GTA Online Heists

As we can see below someone managed to actually download the update and install it on the Xbox One, as to actually being able to play yet, it appears that shortly after the game was patched, the Heists content got locked on the Xbox One, but on the Xbox 360 if you got the update already you "*should* be able to play it", but that's not certain.



So there's no real need to jump up and down with joy yet if you are waiting on the update, since even if you could get your hands on it, it is doubtful that you could actually play the content currently. Furthermore it would appear that the people who managed to get the patch early may or may not have used some rather "grey-area means" to acquire it. Below you can find the new Teaser Trailer.

GTA V Online Heists launch March 10th, and while the game's PC version is delayed until April 14th for both digital and retail.  Rockstar is still offering in-game bonuses to any PC players who pre-order Grand Theft Auto V, in an effort to accommodate the delay.

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