New GTA 5 Screenshots Show The Gang is Up To No Good


GTA 5 is without the slightest shadow of a doubt the single most highly anticipated video game this coming year, while GTA 4 had a spectacular reception and was remarked to be a significant step in the series, GTA 5 looks like it is going to be leaps and bounds above any of the other games. For starters the game boasts a better color palette that should definitely help the players eyes relax after the muddy color settings of GTA 4.

The latest batch of Screenshots show us that Franklin, Micheal and Trevor are up to no good as they do a series of hijinks.

The gang is out of control in the latest set of GTA 5 Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be a huge milestone for the series, it will be graphically impressive, allow players to explore the story line of various protagonists from different walks of life and if all the rumors stand true than we might just have the prestigious opportunity to take a one way trip back to one of the greatest settings for the game, San Andreas.

The series of GTA 5 Screenshots show us that the gang is up to some really dangerous acts as they plan a bank robbery, and go into a fire fight against the local law enforcement. While such acts are normal in the world of GTA games, I am sure that this game will be extraordinary in delivering this experience this time around.

The new screenshots shows us some pretty amazing graphics and some new features of the game never before seen in a GTA game, for starters players will finally be able to do actual swimming with scuba gear!

Here are the screenshots for your viewing pleasure: (The source being this imgur album)

The game comes out September 17th for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with the PC version still the million dollar question, are these new screenshots making you all the more anxious to get your hands on this magnificent game?