G.Skill Unveiling DDR4 Memory Plans and Fastest Clocked DDR3 Memory For LGA 2011 at IDF13

Aug 30, 2013

G.Skill, a leading manufacturer of high performance memory would unveiling their plans for the next generation DDR4 memory at IDF13 San Francisco. G.Skill would also be showcasing their fastest clocked DDR3 memory  at the event for Intel's HEDT Ivy Bridge-E platform.

G.Skill Unveiling DDR4 Memory Plans and Fastest Clocked DDR3 Memory at IDF13

While we have limited details regarding DDR4 memory at the moment, we do know that DDR4 Memory will be featuring have much lower power consumption over the previous design with rated voltages of 1.2 – 1.1 Volt. At the same time while aiming for lower power consumption, DDR4 memory would push the frequencies past the barrier with speeds of 4266 MHz and possibly even more knowing that current DDR3 DIMMs do around 3000 MHz. The early samples of DDR4 memory would end up around 3200 - 3466 MHz and would gradually increase over the time as more products start supporting the new memory type which include Haswell-E plus Skylake from Intel and Carrizo APU from AMD.

G.Skill would unveil their plans for their next Trident DDR4 series and more at the event. You can find more info regarding this in the press release below:

G.SKILL International Co. Ltd., the leading high-performance memory designer and manufacturer, announced to participate this year's Intel Developer Forum at San Francisco as part of Intel's memory community at booth no. 165, displaying maximum DDR3 memory frequency & capacity on the new Intel Core i7 processor family for socket LGA-2011 platform, also sharing plans for future technology such as DDR4. "As this is our first time attending IDF, we are very excited to show our high performance quad channel DDR3 memory and also announce our plans for DDR4," said Mark Yu, Technical Marketing at G.SKILL. G.Skill

In addition to DDR4 memory, G.Skill would also be showcasing their fastest clocked memory and highest capacity memory kits for the Ivy bridge-E platform from Intel which is going to launch at IDF13 on 11th September.