G.Skill Announces World’s Fastest DDR4 Gaming RAM For Laptops

G.Skill Announces World’s Fastest DDR4 Gaming RAM For Laptops

G.Skill recently announced its Ripjaws V series of RAM kits and they might be on the expensive side, the company has broken another record, thanks to its latest announcement: unveiling the world’s fastest gaming RAM.

G.Skill Announces World’s Fastest DDR4 Gaming RAM Kits That Can Run At A Speed Of A Whopping 3200MHz

The new gaming RAM kits are going to be fitted inside gaming notebooks and if you demand the best from a set of gaming memory then G.Skill should be at the top of your list. It is not every day that you see gaming RAM designed for gaming notebooks of being able to run at a speed of 3200MHz.

The new SO-DIMM kits are part of G.Skill’s Ripjaws series. They will be available in two capacity options: 16GB (2x8GB) and 32GB (2x16GB). Both RAM kits are built with Samsung DDR4 8Gb ICs, and they will require 1.35V to run. According to the details of the press release, G.Skill has stated the following:

“Tested and validated on the latest Intel platform featuring the latest 6th Gen Intel Core processors, these new DDR4-3200MHz SO-DIMM memory kits allow you to wield the power of a desktop system in a portable laptop or mini PC, perfect for casual gaming or working on-the-go.”


If you take a look at the screenshot that G.Skill has provided above, the latencies when running this RAM at DDR4-3200 are 16-18-18-43. Naturally, you can allow the RAM to run at lower latencies (as long as your BIOS supports it), but then, you are defeating the purpose for these new laptop gaming RAM kits to be labelled the world’s fastest RAM for notebooks.

Unfortunately, G.Skill forgot to leave out some critical details and they happen to be the pricing details of its RAM kits. However, the company has stated that these RAM kits will be available during the month of June.


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