How to Group HomeKit Accessories Together and Control them as One

Uzair Ghani
Group HomeKit

Here is our complete guide on how to group HomeKit accessories together so that you can control that as one single device using the Home app on iPhone and iPad.

Group Your Smart, HomeKit Lights Together or Any Other Device to Make them Easier to Access

Imagine yourself in a situation where you bought yourself a HomeKit-compatible smart bulb. Obviously, you liked it so much that you decided to get a few more. All that sounds well and good till the point you realize that your Home app is loaded with tons of on/off switches for those bulbs. Which also means that turning them all at once (without Siri) can become a huge hassle. So, in order to counter this problem, you can simply 'group' those HomeKit devices together, and with a single press of a button you can control them all simultaneously. You can group devices any way you like, in fact. You can either group everything together, or just a couple of bulbs, or maybe nothing at all. Of course, this is not just limited to bulbs only, as I'm using it as an example here.

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Group HomeKit Devices Together - Tutorial

1. First and foremost launch the Home app.

2. Now select 'Rooms.'

3. Find the accessory which will be your starting point for the grouping process.

4. Now tap on the Edit button on the top right hand corner of the Home app and then tap on the HomeKit accessory.

5. Under the Group heading, tap on Group with Other Accessories.

Group HomeKit

6. Check all the devices you wish to group together. In my case there are two bulbs which I want to control as one. You can assign a group name for easier access and identification.

7. Tap on Done when you are well.. done.

Group HomeKit

If you wish to revert your changes, simply launch the Home app, tap on the Edit button, select the grouped accessories then tap on Ungroup Accessories.

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