Gravity Rush 2 Dev: A Sequel Might Be On PlayStation 5; My Next Game Will Be Completely Different


Gravity Rush 2 will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4 tomorrow in Europe, with a North American and British release scheduled for this Friday.

Game Director Keiichiro Toyama, known for his work on Silent Hill and Siren, was featured in an interview published in the latest issue of the famous Famitsu magazine. Some highlights were picked up and translated by BlackKite on Twitter.

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To begin with, Toyama stated that he'd want to try new things in a potential third installment, with new features available in a new console. This seems to be a hint that we may not see Gravity Rush 3 before PlayStation 5 hits the market, probably a few years from now.

In relation to his next game, he said that it could have an entirely different direction from this franchise.

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He then said that there might not be a need for a day one patch in Gravity Rush 2, though that will depend on the online mode (there are minor online elements in the game, such as being able to compete against other players' ghosts in Challenge Missions).

Just like its predecessor, Gravity Rush 2 was developed by Sony Japan Studio and Project Siren. Gravity Rush 2 picks up where the first one (originally crafted for the PS Vita) left off, with Kat returning as a protagonist.

Thanks to the focus on PlayStation 4 hardware, the game world will be much larger - about two and a half times larger than in the first Gravity Rush. Longevity is also expected to be more than adequate since Gravity Rush 2 should keep players busy for an average of twenty to forty gameplay hours depending on how many side missions they choose to participate in.

Early reviews have been favorable. We'll have ours live soon, so stay tuned; in the meantime, you can always download the demo from the PlayStation Store to get a taste.