Gran Turismo 5 release date officially official.

Nov 13, 2010

Earlier I mentioned that Gran Turismo 5 made an appearance on Sly Collection and while at one point I did suspect that Sony may have mentioned it as a surprise that the release date may be the long rumored November 24th, well the cat's out of the bag as Sony has just confirmed that the release date for the long awaited Gran Turismo is sooner than you think, It's not going to be next month or the month after that its coming THIS VERY MONTH, the Novemeber 24th date is now the official date of the game for the UK.

I just hope this game doesn't get delayed for the 1000th time in 5 years, the release date is only 10 days away now so let's see if Sony is yanking our chains yet again or is there actually gonna be a GT5 before the end of this year?

Source: CVG