Goolge Goes to War with China

... and the winner is... China! Of course, what else would you expect. The US based web giant threatens the People's Republic that it will pull its business out of China over the over recently discovered highly sophisticated hack attacks on Google's websites. These claims have come directly from Google and as a result Google has threatened to abandon China as a potential market for Google products.

Google stands at #3 in site rankings in China after and, both of which are of Chinese origin sites offering search and infotainment services to the massive population of the People's Republic.

Recently Google issued an apology to Chinese writers after they raised their voices (in millions of course) against the copyright infringement Google was involved in for its search engine. Google had used Chinese writer's work without their consent to offer for free as e-books to the world, which of course they did not like. In response to Google's apology, Yang Chengzhi, secretary of the Chinese Writers Association (CWA), told CCTV:

"We will have a serious study of the apology and hear the authors' opinions before we decide whether or not to accept Google's apology. We hope the apology is sincere, honest and courageous, and the commitment is serious and executable."

Now the Chinese authorities have come back to Google asking for a proof of the claim and until there is something on the table by Google, China is more likely to impose ban on Google's websites to appear in China. It is a very serious issue and everyone is expecting it to go up to President Obama where he could call upon the Chinese envoy to US for resolving the matter.

We will keep you posted as and when new developments take place.

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