Google Hack, The Big Picture!

Omer Saleem

Recently, Google threatened to leave China and wrap up its business in the world's biggest economy after they disclosed that Chinese hackers had used an Internet Explorer 6 vulnerability to hack into Google's internal network. More than 30 more companies reported the same including Adobe Systems. The code was submitted on Wepawet malware analysis Web site.

Boohoo!! What happened to all the IT security of these companies. Come on, don't tell me that hackers got all of them off guard. This is hilarious, the top IT /Web companies of the world, who actually run the market are brought down by some cheap hackers and that too by exploiting a vulnerability of a four year old browser. Hats off to Microsoft for always promoting hackers by giving them a test bed for hacks and exploits.

Anyhow, the entire world of IT and Web is on it as it has been made grounds by Google to quit operations in China and that too after Chinese authors whooped Google's behind by exposing the "theft" Google was doing with its e-book search.

This is going to go for some time as CES 2010 has ended and the world needs more news, also Google needs to sell its Nexus One. As one great man said, "Controversy Sells" (btw I said it :p ) so we will see more news on this in the coming days where some more companies will jump in to make an alliance against Chinese Web and IT policies.

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