Google’s October 4 Event: Here Are the Slew of Gadgets and Announcements You Can Expect Tomorrow


Mark your calendars because Google has a special event waiting for you tomorrow. It’s going to have smartphones, and it’s definitely going to have different forms of hardware that decide how you interact with your day-to-day activities. Here is our roundup of what we are expecting to be announced tomorrow.

Chromecast Ultra

If you ignored the first and second Chromecast and want to make a jump to the Chromecast Ultra, just be warned that it’s going to cost you. The Google Chromecast Ultra is said to be more costly than its predecessors, but only because it is will be packing more features, out of which one of them will be the ability to allow users to stream 4K content. Naturally, a majority of the details are kept in the dark, but we’ll keep you up to date on the latest as soon as the device gets announced.

Google’s Wi-Fi router

Google releasing an affordable router that retails for just $129 sounds like a bunch of baloney, but if it ends up being true, it will provide more features to the consumer than the $199 priced Google OnHub router and I am figuring it will provide more range and performance to that wireless network. One of the things I despise in modern day routers is them requiring tricky steps to finally get setup. I am hoping that with the announcement of the Google Wi-Fi router, the steps to setup the device is as simple as the aesthetics of the router itself. Let us see what Google has in store for us tomorrow.

Google Home

Another Google product that might go easy on our wallets is the company’s home assistant. Rumored to be priced at $129, it could end up being cheaper than Amazon’s Echo and provide a ton of functionality to the user as well. In the future, Google Home will also be able to communicate with other gadgets such as Nest and future developers are also going to find a use for it in the form of third-party applications.


Last year, when Google announced its Pixel C, it was the perfect blend between a tablet and a notebook, and that magnetic accessory was everything you needed to complete that substitute. Unfortunately, the only thing keeping people back was the fact that the tablet was running Android, which is why Andromeda is going to come into being. A merger between Chrome OS and the Android operating system, Andromeda is probably what is going to be running on future Android and notebooks, particularly those that come with an affordable price tag in order to cater to a larger audience. There have been reports claiming that Google is testing Andromeda on the Nexus 9, so it looks like we’ll be hearing good things about the platform tomorrow.

Google Pixel 3 Notebook

Earlier, we reported about a Pixel 3 notebook that would be all set to run Andromeda. This notebook is slated to arrive during the third quarter of 2017, with sources close to the news suggesting that it has been codenamed Bison. It is either going to be powered by an Intel Core m3 or Core i5 Kaby Lake processor and will be available to purchase later in the year in the 8 or 16GB RAM configurations, along with 32 or 128GB of internal memory. A Type-C USB could also be present, along with a fingerprint reader. Pricing details are dicey at best, but the MSRP is said to start from $799. Just remember that Pixel C was the start of great things and that the next Google Pixel notebook could be the elevated point at which the company would envision selling laptops.

Pixel and Pixel XL

Looks like Google has finally rid itself of the Nexus name and will be calling its devices of tomorrow as Pixel and Pixel XL. From what we know, Pixel is going to be armed with a Snapdragon 820, while the larger of the two, Pixel XL, which is said to feature a 5.5-inch screen will feature a Snapdragon 821. Their pricing also shows that Google intends to tap into the premium Android smartphone market as the starting price could very well start from $649. However, will this gamble work well in the company’s favor, or will it backfire the same way it did when Google partnered with Motorola? Looks like we will wait for tomorrow to find out.

Wrap up

We will be providing you with all the timely updates, but if you want to take part in the stream, simply bookmark Google’s YouTube channel on your mobile or desktop and wait for the event to kick off in your region. Moreover, you can visit this link to set a reminder for yourself. If you think something else is going to be announced tomorrow, then let us know what we’ll be graced with in the comments below.