Google Prepping a Pixel Notebook That Could Be Running the Andromeda OS


After the announcement of Pixel C, Google is aiming to bring the functionality of laptops and the portability of tablets in a single package, even though this particular package is said to be a notebook as well. That being said, Google is said to be working on a new Pixel laptop that is going to be running a completely new operating system altogether.

New Google Pixel Notebook All Set to Be Running Andromeda – Google’s Next Operating System

This particular project has been codenamed Bison, most likely because of the powerful hardware that it will be harboring underneath its hood. However, for the time being, it is going to be named Pixel 3 and it is said to be powered by Google’s Andromeda platform. For those that don’t know, Andromeda is going to be a blend between Android and the company’s Chrome OS. Google did improve the functionality of tablets with the announcement of Pixel C, but the fact that it was still running Android meant that it would be limited to running tasks that Windows and Chrome OS powered notebooks were effortlessly capable of executing.

With Andromeda, you’ll receive the best of both worlds, even though Chrome OS still provides limited functionality in comparison to Windows and macOS. Regardless, Chrome OS was never touted as an operating system where it was perceived as an ‘all in one’ solution. Instead, it was targeted to students and users who would be on a strict budget and only required decent hardware to carry out work-related tasks. With the upcoming Pixel notebook, which is said to arrive during the third quarter of 2017, the Andromeda OS will be able to run Android and dedicated Chrome OS applications meaning that a near notebook experience will be guaranteed from the upcoming product.

The source details state that Bison is going to be an ultra-thin notebook, and it is either going to be powered by an Intel Core m3 or Core i5 processor. It is not confirmed if Skylake or Kaby Lake chips are going to be a part of the hardware, but seeing as how Intel has already announced the mobile versions of its 7th generation CPUs (also known as Kaby Lake), it’s almost a guarantee that Pixel 3 will come running with Intel’s latest offerings.

It could also feature 8 or 16GB RAM configurations, along with 32 or 128GB of internal memory. A Type-C USB could also be present, along with a fingerprint reader. Pricing details are dicey at best, but the MSRP is said to start from $799. Just remember that Pixel C was the start of great things, and that the next Google Pixel notebook could be the elevated point at which the company would envision selling laptops.