Google Will Be Calling Its Upcoming Nexus Devices as Pixel


Looks like Google is not going to be referring to its upcoming Nexus devices as the latter, but the company is going to be calling them something else entirely. Care you take a guess as what the names of the upcoming smartphones are going to be called?

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Are Going to Be the Names of the Upcoming Pure Android Running Smartphones

Similar to the Pixel C slate that was announced last year, Google is thinking of getting rid of the name ‘Nexus’ once and for all and adopting the Pixel and Pixel XL for its upcoming lineup. The upcoming lineup is said to be manufactured by HTC, and since we have continued to come across code names such Sailfish and Marlin, we’re under the impression that the Taiwanese manufacturer is going to be responsible for releasing both of them.

There is currently no word from Huawei, which was said to be releasing the successor of its highly popular Nexus 6P, but from the looks of it, HTC is going to possess the lead over both Huawei and LG this time around. A Snapdragon 820 could be present in both smartphones, although there’s a very high chance that a Snapdragon 821 ends up being present in Pixel XL, which you can tell by the name is going to be the larger variant of the two. Snapdragon 821 is will provide no benefit in terms of efficiency when pitted against a Snapdragon 820 because they both have been manufactured on the same 14nm FinFET node.

However, the higher processor and GPU clock speeds present in Snapdragon 821 will mean that you’ll get more performance out of the SoC, which doesn’t normally translate into better battery life. Pixel XL is said to feature a battery capacity of 3,450mAh, but I am really hoping to see better camera sensors on both smartphones. One of the most important upgrades in my opinion will be upgrading the camera app, and adding a slew of upgrades that will allow users to shoot images and video using manual camera models.

A Type-C USB port was always on the cards, as is the fact that both smartphones are going to running the latest and greatest operating system update from Google. Pricing details are currently unknown, but like always, we’ll keep you in the loop of things to come.