Does Google’s alliance with NSA really threaten User Privacy?


Yes it does and you should be worried about it. It is not the first time that a Government Agency got involved with a privately held company to think of counter measures for hack attacks. The last month's attack on Google, through the (now retired) Internet Explorer 6 has let Google take measure like phasing out support for older browsers. Moreover, there has been a lot of questions raised in the minds of the people that if these technology giants can't defend themselves against hackers, then a normal user stands no chance.

Coming back to the story, what kind of repercussions we can expect, maybe in theory but quiet possible.

  • First NSA will work closely with Google to determine means for handling such hack threats. Fair enough
  • Second, NSA will have access to data of each and every person using Google or any of its services. From browsing history to what emails does that person sends or receives. Okay, so they are worried about our security and the security of commercial organizations.
  • Third, They can tap into what people talk and chat about. Now this is the interesting part, although NSA says that the collaboration between the two will limit within the policies of Google but when was the last time we saw an agency remaining within the limits.
  • Lastly, with services like Google latitude, NSA would know where you are.... yeah I know this one is far fetched and right out of some Hollywood flick but it is possible.

We would have to wait and see what the official word comes out of Google on their strategy of taking this alliance forward.

Disclaimer: The views written in this article are by the author only who has watched way too many conspiracy movies.'s owners & management might not be as creative as him thus may clearly dismiss any argument he makes