Beware, Your Next Update From Google Could Actually Be a Downgrade!


Google has a history of goof ups regarding updates, and the tech giant has often faced the brunt of faulty updates. In one of the latest cases, it looks like the Nexus 6 has come under some trouble and Google is now pulling the Android 7.1.1 update from it and bringing it back to Android 7.0.

The company thought that this move would fix the problem, but it ultimately resulted in making it more complicated. As per the comments of various Nexus 6 users on Reddit, Google is pushing a fresh update to downgrade the Nexus 6 to Android 7.0. Now, the problem here is that this new update does not ask users to reset their device before coming on to a new (err old) version and neither does it have a step for automatic reset.

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Usually, when a user downgrades the Android device to a previous version, the phone prompts for a reset, but in this case, there is no such step. The lack of this step is causing the device to crash now and then, which is making it impossible to use.

Google Nexus 6

One of the Reddit users, CrazyAndroidMonster, shared the Nexus 6 issue on the forum, where he wrote:

Exactly what I said, it makes no sense. It was on 7.1.1 (it had been sideloaded a couple of months ago). The update said 7.0. The update went through and nearly everything in the OS now spam crashes. I am going to have to sideload the latest factory image.

For the Nexus 6 owners who have received the update and have not installed it, it would be in the best interest of your device to not install the update. Please read the description carefully before installing any update. In case you have already installed it then we would suggest a factory reset. Steer clear of any new software update until Google comes up with a fix.

To recap, we recently reported about Google's move to pause Android 7.1.1 update for the Nexus 6 because of SafetyNet and Android Pay issues. It is not yet clear how much time Google will take to resolve this issue.