Google’s Two Factor Authentication Is Becoming Easier To Use


Two factor authentications have been greatly supported by the Tech giant Google for a long time now, more than five years to be precise. However, the company has finally decided to make it a lot easier for users to operate in this coming week.

Google's two factor authentication is becoming a easier to use

Back in time, the code was supposed to be entered manually from an authenticator’s app or by SMS. But now the company has finally worked on a new prompt that can be easily tapped on your phone to approve any login requests. This new system is similar in function to twitter’s two-factor authentication server. The one which allows the users to get a notification on their phones which after acceptance approves the login attempt.

Google Prompt


The new prompt system introduced functioning on both on Android as well as iOS devices. But in order for the prompt to work on the iOS base, you will need to download the Google app for iOS in order to get unlocked features. Also, the user’s needs to visit the Google account page in order to opt in for this new feature. After going to the account page, navigate to Sign-in & Security > Signing in to Google > 2-Step Verification. It is functional on Gmail as well as on Google Apps account.

Once enabled, the option allows you to have push notifications on the go without the hassle of entering codes repetitively. This feature also has the ability to support multiple Google accounts through the Android and iOS app. For Android users, you will need to have the latest Google Play Services to use the prompt. Adding to that, android users can’t enable the prompt and security keys on a single account just yet.