Google Tweets What the Pixel 4 Looks Like Shortly After Renders of the Smartphone Were Leaked

Omar Sohail
Google tweets Pixel 4 image

Shortly after renders of the Pixel 4 were shared across several publications and after allegedly leaked images of the Pixel 4 XL came through, Google does the unthinkable. Normally, phone companies will keep their devices under wraps to maintain the secrecy of the design, hardware, and features of their upcoming flagship, but the company has shared with the world what the Pixel 4 will potentially look like when it is officially launched. Without keeping you waiting unnecessarily, here’s what the upcoming handset will look like.

Image Shared by Google Reveals That the Pixel 4 May Come With at Least Two Camera Sensors at the Back

According to what Google has shared through its @madebygoogle Twitter handle, just the backside of the Pixel 4 has been shared on the micro-blogging social media account. The Pixel 4 seems to have a large camera hump at the back, similar to what the upcoming iPhone range is expected to sport as well.

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For three generations, Google has relied on a single camera at the rear to get the job done, but this will be the first time the company will rely on more than one sensor. From the looks of it, the company could either rely on a dual or triple camera array, and we say this because apart from the two sensors aligned horizontally, we’re not sure what the tiny dot on top of those sensors represents.

Whatever it is, we’re sure to find out in the coming months. We reckon Google thought it would be best to break the suspense and provide a first look at what the Pixel 4 will look like because last year, tech publications were loaded with information concerning leaks and rumors surrounding the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, breaking a boatload of that suspense when the technology giant unveiled the smartphone duo.

Google might have thought that it would be better to break the ice and let people know first hand what the company is up to before it takes center stage and unveil large bits of information that people already knew from the start. However, the front side of the Pixel 4 has yet to be shared, and we’re not sure if the same Twitter account will do us the courtesy of sharing another image. Perhaps we’ll find out in the coming weeks, months, or maybe during the imminent announcement during October.

News Source: Twitter (MadebyGoogle)

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