Google to Introduce a New Top-Level Domain Called .Page

Anil Ganti

Earlier this year, Google announced a new .app top-level domain focused on security with HTTPS enabled and enforced by default. It was primarily meant for developers who could use it to promote their applications better. I wouldn't call it a roaring success as I'm yet to come across more than a handful of .app websites. A TLD (top-level domain) identifies something about the website associated with it, such as its purpose, the organization that owns it or the geographical area where it originates. Currently, there are about 1,543 active top-level domains and Google owns a lot of them.

Nonetheless, Google Registry is now opening up the .page TLD as part of an Early Access Program. The new .page TLD is more generally focused. Several people have already taken to using it as a personal site, like the clever Ellen.Page site.

.page is a new domain that makes it easy to build a simple, more secure online presence. Whether you’re a business launching a new website, a publisher sharing new works online, an author telling your story, or a student touting your research, .page is the perfect home for your next chapter – online.

Much like its predecessor .app, security and pushing HTTPS adoption is a big focus for Google Registry. An SSL certificate is required to keep connections to the domain safe and protect against ad malware and tracking injections.

Your security is our priority. The .page top-level domain is included on the HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections to .page websites and pages without needing individual HSTS registration or configuration.

Users can start registering for their .page TLD as part of an Early Access Program, with general availability set for next week on October 9th. For an extra fee, you’ll have the chance to get the perfect .page domain name from participating registrar partners before standard registrations begin.

News Source: Google

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