Google Announces .App Top-Level Domain for App Developers


Google today is announcing a new .app top-level domain. A TLD (top-level domain) identifies something about the website associated with it, such as its purpose, the organization that owns it or the geographical area where it originates. Some of the TLDs you're probably familiar with include .com, .net, .org, and .edu. The availability of TLDs was restricted for a long time, but In April 2009, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) proposed an expansion of the TLD system to allow anyone to register and reserve any unused letter sequence as a TLD for their exclusive use. A company that sold software, for example, might like to use .soft as a TLD. Currently, there are about 1,543 active top-level domains and the number isn't going down anytime soon. According to Google's blog post:

Today we’re announcing .app, the newest top-level domain (TLD) from Google Registry. A TLD is the last part of a domain name, like .com in “” or .google in “blog. Google” (the site you’re on right now). We created the .app TLD specifically for apps and app developers, with added security to help you showcase your apps to the world.

The .app TLD is primarily targeted at app developers who want to showcase their applications. Google is also working to integrate several security features into the new TLD. All .app websites will require an HTTPS connection to protect against malware and ISP intervention and spying on open WiFi networks.

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Starting today at 9:00 am PDT, and through May 7, .app domains are available to register as part of our Early Access Program, where, for an additional fee, you can secure your desired domains ahead of general availability. And then beginning on May 8, .app domains will be available to the general public through your registrar of choice. Visit to see who’s already on .app and choose a registrar partner to begin registering your domain. We look forward to seeing where your new .app domain takes you!

Google has said that .app will be the first TLD with enforced security made available for general registration. The registrations are open, and until May 7th the .app TLD is available for those who want to pay extra and secure the domain name they want. From the 8th of May, registrations will be available to the general public through the registrar of your choice. For more information, you can refer to Google's website to see who’s already on .app and to help choose a registrar partner to begin registering your domain.

News Source: Google