Google Overpromised with Stadia Says Take-Two CEO, Not Sure if Players Will Pay for It


Google’s much-hyped Stadia cloud gaming service has struggled since launch, attracting only around a million players, and a lot of those are currently playing for free. Part of the reason for this is the Stadia tech just hasn’t measured up to the Google’s overblown pre-release hype. Before launch Google was promising high-end PC visuals and outright nonsense like “negative latency,” neither or which were delivered. Well, it seems players aren’t the only ones disappointed as Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick called Google out for overpromising in a recent speech.

The launch of Stadia has been slow. I think there was some overpromising on what the technology could deliver and some consumer disappointment as a result.

Take-Two was initially one of Stadia’s biggest supporters, bringing major AAA games like Borderlands 3, NBA 2K20, and Red Dead Redemption 2 to the platform, but it sounds like the company may be more cautious in the future...

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Anytime you broaden distribution you potentially broaden your audience, which is why we supported the release of Stadia with three titles initially and will continue to support high-quality streaming services as long as the business model makes sense. Over time I believe streaming will work...the belief that streaming was going to be transformative was based on a view that there were loads of people who really had an interest in interactive entertainment, really wanted to pay for it, but just didn't want to have a console. I'm not sure that turned out to be the case.

Take-Two and it’s subsidiaries still have a handful of games, including the Definitive Editions of Mafia II and Mafia III and PGA Tour 2K21 coming to Stadia this year, and after that, I guess we’ll have to see. What do you think? Should Take-Two stick to Stadia or is it time to give Google’s experiment the cold shoulder?