Google Resumes Chrome Updates After a Week of Hiatus – Chrome 82 Canceled Due to “COVID-19 Accommodations”


Last week, Google announced pausing future Chrome and Chrome OS releases. Citing "adjusted work schedules," the company had said that it will continue to prioritize security updates. Just a week, Google is ready to resume the releases.

In a statement, the company shared the new schedule of the upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases. According to this new schedule, Google will release security and critical fixes for Chrome 80 next week, which will be followed by Chrome 81 in the week of April 7. The company plans to deliver Chrome 83 in mid-May, which will include all that was going to be released with Chrome 82, since company has canceled that release due to "COVID-19 accommodations."

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Here is the new schedule of upcoming Chrome updates

  • M83 will be released three weeks earlier than previously planned and will include all M82 work as we canceled the M82 release (all channels).
  • Our Canary, Dev and Beta channels have or will resume this week, with M83 moving to Dev, and M81 continuing in Beta.
  • Our Stable channel will resume release next week with security and critical fixes in M80, followed by the release of M81 the week of April 7, and M83 ~mid-May.
  • We will share a future update on the timing of the M84 branch and releases.

Google added that it continues to make sure "that Chrome and Chrome OS are stable, secure, and work reliably," and keep everyone updated if there are any further changes to this schedule.