Google Testing ‘Search Lite’ App in Developing Markets To Help Users Save Data

Zara Ali
Google Search Lite

Google has started testing a new app that is aimed at using limited data and perform faster. The app was spotted by the folks at Android Police in an ad on Facebook in Indonesia, inviting users to test the app.

The new app is dubbed as Google Search Lite. It is a standalone project of Google, which is different from any regular search app that we use. It is specifically designed to offer users instant access to options such as “news,” “weather,” and “nearby,” along with image search, offline pages, and bookmarked pages. In addition to all the quick options to perform searches, the new app also offers a “personalize” button on the menu, which can be customised by the users.

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Integrated with voice and text-search

Like regular Google search app, the new app is also a voice and text-search compatible; there are also options to use “lite web pages” and “internal web browser” by default. Both of these options save internet data while using the app. With all these features, it means that Google is aiming at developing markets like India, where internet connectivity is not as speedy as in the developed markets like the US. Similar to the YouTube Go app that allowed users to download videos and view them offline.

Google Search Lite

In development stages...

For now, Google has not revealed its plan for the new app, but it seems to be in the nascent stages of development and limited to limited markets and languages. While this is good news for developing markets, such apps may also work well for the users in developed markets who do not have unlimited data plans.

If this app appeals to you, then you can give it a try right now by downloading the APK file from APK Mirror. The app is also available in English along with other language options.

What's your take on the new Google Search Lite app? Would you like if Google Search Lite is made available in your region? Hit the comment section below to share your views with us.

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