YouTube Go Is Officially Announced for Effortless Offline Video Viewing and Sharing


Google has officially announced YouTube Go, which is essentially a dedicated app designed to provide even more accessibility to the average user while hovering around the extremely popular video sharing and streaming website. Offline content viewing and sharing has always been a complaint of millions of users, and YouTube Go intends on removing that gap once and for all.

YouTube Go Makes It Even Easier for You to Share and View Content as You’ll Be Given Ton of Options to Decide Which Setting to View and Share the Video Offline

YouTube Go has been announced for the sole purpose of allowing users to view videos offline. This will normally take place in a situation where the surrounding internet connection is far too abysmal to buffer the online video properly or if you’re currently connected to your carrier’s network and want to conserve the available data that you have remaining.

One flexible situation is that you can download the videos immediately and view them at a later time, especially if you’re going to be surrounded in an area later on which has limited to no internet connectivity.

This will happen while you’re travelling, so YouTube Go’s offline feature will definitely be a welcome addition under this and several other circumstances. Another perk of using YouTube Go is the fact that it will give you freedom to choose the settings of the video before you decide to download it for later viewing. These settings will be broken down into video quality and file size so you can decide how much time it will take for the download to be completed.

One other great thing about YouTube Go is that it allows users to share content with nearby users without using any data. Google has not made any announcements as to when it will be available in your region, so we’ll be on the lookout for any updates and inform you accordingly.