Google Is About To Make Your Restaurant Experience More Comfortable – Wait Times To Your Favorite Places Are A Coming Soon Feature


Imagine that you suddenly have a craving for a pasta from a specific restaurant. You get ready and drive down to the restaurant. During this entire process you are thinking about the pasta, the drink you will have with it, the ambiance of the place where you will be sitting etc. Once you have placed your order and the waiter has told you that your food would be ready in 15 minutes, you watch the time go by. 25 minutes have gone by and you still don’t have your food. How annoying is that? Right? Google has a solution for this dilemma.

Plan Better - Wait Less

Now most of you already know that Popular Times in Google Search and Maps uses a crowdsourcing feature to determine whether different locations like stores, theatres, cinemas etc. are busy or not. Users use this particular feature to better schedule their visits to these locations. Google is now adding wait times for your favorite restaurants.

Nothing Phone 1 to Be Sold via Invites

How does Google get access to these times? Wait time estimates along with the Popular Times and Visit Duration are based on anonymous historical data. If you visit the business listing in Maps or a particular card in Search, it will display a Popular Times graph. This graph is same as the one users can tap and swipe on to navigate to a particular time slot and day.

With the new feature, there is a little change. When you select the hour slot, you will see a pop-up that features a new ‘Wait’ entry. The ‘Plan your visit’ section shows how long people tend to stay. A one-line summary tells what the day’s peak time is. You can also view the longest waiting period, which will be highlighted in flashing pink on the graph. The feature will be rolled out soon on both web and mobile search and is coming soon to Maps. According to the company, ‘nearly a million sit-down restaurants’ should offer wait times when the features goes live.

News Source: Google Search and Maps adding ‘wait time’ estimates for your favorite restaurants