Google Finally Responds to Microsoft’s Chrome Complaints with Its Own Tests

Rafia Shaikh
Chrome 53

Microsoft started a messy war earlier this year when it showed that Chrome was really bad for battery life and Edge was the cure for all browser-problems. Months have passed since the software giant posted the side-by-side comparison specifically hitting Chrome and Opera. Now, Google is finally ready to respond and has claimed that its browser is experiencing double-digit improvements in not only battery life but speed too when compared to last year.

Chrome experiences double-digit battery life and speed improvements

Responding to Microsoft's tests conducted in June showing that Chrome is the most battery intensive browser on Windows 10, Google has now run similar tests. Chrome 53 that was released last week is shown in the latest tests, delivering 2 hours and 12 minutes of longer HD video playback when compared to version 46 from last October. Google has also used Surface Books in the new comparison video to show that its latest browser version is much improved than a year ago.

Over the last year Chrome has seen double-digit improvements in speed and battery life. These improvements help you get more done, faster, and we thought you’d like an update.

When measured with tools like Speedometer, improvements over the last year have made Chrome more than 15 percent faster on both desktop and Android. That’s good news if you’re working against a deadline or trying to place a last-minute order.

Google updated its browser for Windows with Material Design and battery improvements over the weekend. Latest video focuses on version 53 playing HTML5 video from Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube on Windows. The company had previously promised to bring battery life and performance improvements. With a focus on video playback, it isn't certain if we will see similar improvements when browsing regular websites on Windows. As for the speed, Google has claimed that its browser on the desktop and Android is now 15% faster than it was a year ago.

Not only Windows, Chrome for Mac also now uses 33% less power when viewing images or watching videos. While Google isn't claiming if Chrome 53 resolves all the issues, it does seem to be finally taking care of the most critical problems that users face with the browser - battery life and speed.

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