Google Reportedly Wants to Continue Releasing Affordable Pixel Phones With Impressive Features

Google release more affordable Pixel phones

After months of rumors and speculations, Google finally took the wraps off its new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL phones at its I/O developer conference yesterday. The mid-range phones inherit the core strength of the Pixel 3 phones, which is the camera while making certain trade-offs in other departments to keep the cost from ballooning. According to a new report, this new price segment will encourage Google to release more affordable phones in the future, meaning that this isn’t going to be the last of the inexpensive Pixel lineup.

According to a report from Android Police, Google intends on releasing more of these affordable handsets in the foreseeable future, most likely on an annual basis. This can mean that sometime next year, we can expect successors of the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL to come forth. As a lot of you may know, the Pixel smartphones have made a name for themselves with their photography prowess but as Google admitted a few weeks back, the phones aren’t selling as well the company would like them to.

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More specifically, the Pixel 3 lineup didn’t even manage to rake in as many sales as the Pixel 2 series did. The smartphone market isn’t in a good shape right now and with so many affordable options from Chinese vendors, it appears that consumers aren’t willing to pay high prices for premium handsets. Perhaps that’s why Google has decided to branch out into mid-range phones, whilst keeping their premium series too. This is an approach that’s increasingly been taken by many manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus. Having a broad portfolio allows manufacturers to target a bigger section of the market.

Some customers might prefer Google’s lightweight and clean Android OS, but a lot of OEMs have pledged to launching Android One with impressive hardware specifications and yearly software updates. These devices also run stock Android and are cheaper, and even though they might not ship with the same camera, their affordability is something that a lot of customers will appreciate. That being said, the selling-point of Pixel’s stock Android has been taken out of the equation, but at least those early adopters get to experience some exclusive features for a small time frame.

The cheaper Pixel 3a devices are available with T-Mobile and Sprint, which means Google is trying to improve the availability of its phones, as previously the search giant used to partner with Verizon only. Although the Pixel 3a phones do get Pixel’s camera, compromises have been made on the processor and design. So, going forward, Google will presumably target its affordable phones at price-conscious consumers, while the high-end models with top of the line specifications would be aimed at consumers with cash to burn.

News Source: Android Police

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