Google Planning to Design More Chips to Reach the Same Calibre as Apple, Claims Latest Report

Google Planning to Design More Chips to Reach the Same Calibre as Apple, Claims Latest Report

With Google officially having closed the $1.1 billion deal with HTC, it is time to move on to the next phase. The tech giant has now added 2,000 highly skilled professionals so that it is able to reach the same echelon as Apple. Will this allow Google to start designing more of its custom hardware for future mobile phones and convertibles?

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Previously, Google allowed manufacturers like HTC and LG take the reigns and design the phone while the tech firm focused more on the software bit. However, it appears that Google wants to exercise more control with this acquisition and since highly intuitive features like augmented reality and AI-based services requires a more seamless integration between hardware and software, the next goal for the search engine giant seems pretty straightforward.

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What this means is that the next big leap for Google is going to be making its own custom ‘system on a chip’ so that it is able to rival Apple in this department. Though we reported yesterday that making your own custom hardware requires a ton of cash even though it saves a bit on component costs, Google has a lot of liquid cash that it can use for this very purpose.

The company was earlier reported to have incorporated a custom chip called the Pixel Visual Core, but its functionality is less advanced compared to what the brain of the smartphone or SoC will be capable of doing.

Google will also become less dependant on manufacturers like Qualcomm and it is also possible that the company will be able to extend the life of previous-generation smartphones when it comes to software and security updates. For now, Google will continue to work with Qualcomm for its silicon, but there will eventually come a time when future Pixel devices will be competing with Apple, but this time on a different stage.

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