Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Finally Approved by FCC


Google's upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have finally received approval from FCC in the United States. This puts both of the devices a lot closer to the launch. Like many other countries, it is essential for smartphones or other devices with wireless functionality to get approval from the FCC before they are sold in the market. The approval process involves ensuring that the devices are only operating at the advertising frequencies, are not interfering with other devices, and are not causing any harm to the users.

Pixel 6 Series Might Be a Lot Closer to Release Than We Thought

Smartphone companies usually advertise their smartphones ad a later stage. Still, Google has taken a different direction as it has been some time since the company has been heavily advertising the Pixel 6 series. Everything ranging from television ads to billboards, placing the phones in the company's store in NYC, and releasing 10,000 packets of Pixel-branded potato chips. All of this before the devices even got the FCC approval.

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As of Monday morning, things have started to change. FCC's website now shows four devices in total. For Pixel 6 Pro, there are two models, the GLU0G and G8VOU. The primary difference here is that one variant features mmWave 5G connectivity and the other does not. Similarly, you are getting the standard Pixel 6 with G9S9B and GB7N6 variants with the same difference.

The most significant difference between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is the confirmation that the ultra-wideband support will be limited to the Pro variant. Specifically, the phone is registered for Channel 5 and Channel 9 UWB connectivity, which will allow you to use it to open up as a digital car key on vehicles that support it and locating smart tags.

Another difference that is noticed through these listings is the 5G connectivity offerings. For instance, both phones offer mmWave models, but the Pixel Pro should also bring the n258 band of mmWave 5G.

Currently, Google has not shared any plans of the launch event for the Pixel 6 series or any Made by Google hardware. This event would typically take place in the first few days of October or in the final days of September, like last year. This means that we no longer have to wait more for the Pixel 6 series to hit the shelves.