Google’s Pixel 3 Is Down to Just $349, Its Lowest Price Ever [Limited Units Available]

Omar Sohail
Google’s Pixel 3 Is Down to Just $349, Its Lowest Price Ever

Even today, if you want a smartphone that will process the best images with an impressive balance between capturing detail and maintaining color accuracy, Google’s Pixel range will be your weapon of choice. While companies like Apple and Huawei have gained significant ground in the camera department with its latest smartphones, it doesn’t make the Pixel 3 any less relevant, especially thanks to this major discount. At $349, the Pixel 3 is down to its lowest price ever, and for someone that wants to experience stellar smartphone photography coupled with a clean Android UI, Amazon has the perfect deal for you.

Google Pixel 3 Deal Is Valid for Clearly White, and Just Black Color Variants

The Pixel 3 might not have the most attractive design, but it does feature decent hardware specifications to keep up with your requirements. It sports a Snapdragon 845 coupled with 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 64GB of onboard storage. The starting price of $349 is for the Pixel 3’s base model so if you feel that 64GB will be sufficient for your daily use, then it’s the ideal choice. One of the best features of the Pixel 3 is undoubtedly that rear 12MP camera.

With the 12MP camera, you’re able to do a lot more thanks to Google’s enhanced computational photography efforts. You can zoom in digitally without experiencing deleterious effects on the image quality thanks to Google’s Super Res Zoom as well as attain superb low-light photography thanks to Night Sight. Furthermore, using improved algorithms, the Pixel 3 can capture Portrait shots without requiring a secondary lens or depth sensor.

The front side features a total of two cameras in an 8MP + 8MP configuration. One is a regular camera, while one is able to take ultrawide shots, in case you need more detail to be captured in the background. Another perk of owning the Pixel 3 is getting Google’s swath of security and software updates before anyone else. The updates also include improvements to Google Assistant and other features that will arrive in the future.

For a deal that’s active starting for just $349, we think the Pixel 3 is an absolute steal at this range.

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