Another Issue Pops Up On Google Pixel 2: Users Can’t Unlock Bootloaders


Looks like there is no end to Pixel 2's software issues. Just when we thought that the newly launched devices have had their share of lags, here comes another issue.

Turns out that the Pixel 2 units that were purchased from Play Store and not from any reseller, are arriving with bootloaders that cannot be unlocked. The issue was first reported on XDA Developers forum, where several users ranted about Pixel 2's locked bootloader. Approximately 40 users reported on XDA forum while many users registered their grievance on Google's issue tracker. This issue seems to be more prominent on the Pixel 2 and not the Pixel 2 XL. The Pixel 2 was manufactured by HTC.

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Here is what one Pixel 2 user posted on Google Issue Tracker:

There seems to be a bug of sorts in thw Pixel 2 or OPD1.170816.010 for the Pixel 2 where you can NOT use the sldier for OEM unlocking which will allow the bootloader to be unlocked in Fastboot.

I purchased two Pixel 2's one of them did not work, the other did unlock.

I would like to add I am fairly experienced with Nexus/Pixel and bootloader unlocking. The process has changed in recent years where the gatekeeper is now within the build (developer options). Regardless, I tried everything

After the issue popped up, many users even claimed that they have started pushing Google for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). While regular users have no problem with the bootloader unlocking issue on the Pixel 2, for users who like to root their phones and developers, for them this issue is serious .

Issues so far...

Earlier this month, some users reported that their Pixel 2 XL units came without any operating system while some units were plagued with a slew of display issues such as screen flash when locking. Other issues on the devices included LED lights on video, OLED burn-in display, unpleasant clicking noises in the earpiece, and more. Overall, Google seems to have failed to maintain quality this time.