Google Testing Pixel 2 With Multiple Chipsets, Including Custom Solutions Claims Credible Source

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Even as the Android world continues to wait for the Galaxy S8, other manufacturers are eager to remind us that Samsung isn't the only company with a flagship due in 2017. We've got the likes of Apple, Xiaomi, LG and now Google, all of which will use 10nm processors for their devices. Save Apple, the trio will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 as Samsung's Exynos lineup doesn't make it on a lot of devices. However, you shouldn't rule out custom chipsets from the equation either, at least for Google. How so? Take a look below for more details.

Google Reportedly Testing A Lot Of Chipsets, Including Custom Solutions For The Pixel 2

Custom chipsets are the buzzword lately. Apple, Huawei and Samsung have been at them for a while now. The latest addition to this list is Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, with its Surge processor. While not high end, the Surge is a nice start for the Chinese smartphone maker. It's manufactured on the 28nm HPE + and carries two sets of four Cortex A 53 cores. Now, looks like Google just might be ready to join the ranks as well.

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Google Pixel 2 leaks aren't new. The first true leak for the device took place a month and a half back. Courtesy of folks over at 9to5Google, it added quite a bit of details for the device. According to their source, the Google Pixel 2 will feature waterproofing, improved low light photography and hardware based stabilization. Recent comments from Google's hardware head Rick Osterloh also confirm that the Pixel 2 will remain a high end smartphone.

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Today, however, we've spotted an update to the leak mentioned above. According to the original contents. Google considered the Snapdragon 835 (no-brainer here) and even Intel's chips. Now, the latest update also brings custom processors in the mix. According to 9to5Google's source, “Multiple test devices with different chipsets are being used now," and that Google did “develop a custom chipset for a test device." That's interesting news folks and shows just how serious Google is with its Pixel lineup.

It's been barely a year since the launch of the Pixel and Pixel Xl and already we've started to see rumors of custom processors for the device. The reports first surfaced last year, courtesy Bloomberg. Looks like Google is pretty confident with its hardware plans. The company's got a strong Android user base and if it does capture the flagship market effectively, expect a lot of dynamics to change. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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