Google Planning to Offer Free Original Quality Backup to Nexus Devices in Photos App

root nexus 6p on MTC19V android 6.0.1

Google rolled out an update to Google Photos this week. While the latest update didn't bring any new features, it has revealed a new feature that Google is planning to unveil for Nexus devices. According to an analysis by AndroidPolice, Google is preparing to offer unlimited storage of original quality photo and video backups to its Nexus devices.

Google Photos to offer unlimited original quality image and video backup

Google Photos 1.21 started rolling out earlier this week, without any visible new features. But, Nexus owners will be pleased to learn that they are about to get a massive new feature - unlimited storage of original quality photos and videos.

Currently, the Photos app offers unlimited free storage to everyone, but the images are resized down to 16 megapixel. While that is still a high quality and none of the current Nexus devices need any more storage space (both the Nexus 5X and 6P take pictures with a 12.3MP sensor), the quality and space do come into play when storing 4K videos. The app caps the videos at 1080p, while both the current Nexus phones are capable of shooting 4K videos at 2160p. If this feature rolls out to Nexus owners, they will be able to store original quality 4K videos for absolutely free.

Some users also want to store images as they are taken, without trusting the automated algorithms that promise to save space. Even when the images fall under the 16MP category, the app processes them to reduce file size, to save some extra space. While you can't spot any differences and they look high quality, there are small adjustments made to colors, losing some clarity when you zoom in.

"The latest Google Photos update includes a [sic] some text that describe a very specific benefit for Nexus customers: they will enjoy free unlimited storage for original quality photos and videos uploaded from their Nexus devices," the APK teardown revealed.

google photos for nexus

The above strings do not mention any restrictions, and we still don't know if this feature will be offered to current/older Nexus devices, or if it will only roll out in fall this year when Google launches the new Nexus devices. After all, it will be a major incentive to buy Nexus devices.

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