Google Photos Gains New Private Chat Feature for Even Quicker Photo Sharing

Anil Ganti
Google Photos

Google Photos was already pretty good but it just got a whole lot better, as it now lets you share images over private messages. Until now, the only way to go about it was to create a shared album. There is, however, limit to the number of images you can share using this method. Don't worry about burning through it anytime soon, though, because it is set at 20,000 images.

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It is a fairly straightforward process, select the images, tap the share button, select the recipient and Google Photos sill create a message thread. It is also possible to create groups consisting of several users, essentially a group chat of sorts. According to Google's blog post:

You’ve always been able to share individual photos through the app by creating an album for a single photo and sharing the link. But we’ve heard from some of you that this could be a simpler experience, so now when you share one-off photos and videos, you’ll have the option to add them to an ongoing, private conversation in the app.

Additionally, you can also 'like' photos and leave comments on them. Google says that this isn't a replacement for existing chat apps and more of a QoL upgrade to make Photos more user-friendly. I'd say that Google unknowingly created a mini platform out of Photos by doing this.

A good chunk of our online interactions is centered around images that we find on the internet. Now, one doesn't have to rely on third-party platforms for such discussions, as they can take place within the Google Photos app in itself. One of the biggest advantages of using Google Photos for image sharing, however, is no loss of quality in the image. Other platforms often compress images resulting in reduced quality.

The feature will be available to all users in the coming week and to Android, iOS, and web.

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