Google to Open App Store in March 2010

Another Google news has hit the news stands that Google, world's supremo in Internet Search and new entrant in mobile phones is preparing to launch an Online Apps Store targeting the Enterprises Software market. The company, as reported by WSJ, is planning to launch it as soon as March 2010.

Google currently offers Enterprise add-ons to its over all 20 million customers but has not yet started offering software directly to the Enterprises. Google also offers third party apps to its Android based phones users through Google Market Place on mobiles.

Google has already started engaging third party developers for creating and submitting Enterprise software to offer on its soon to open Online Enterprise Software store. Google also plans to sell partner software directly to its Enterprise customers. These third party software will provide Google's already famous apps with security and features to enhance its capabilities and usage for the customers.

Wall Street Journal reports that this might be Google's attempt to sway the Microsoft Enterprise software users to Google's Online Applications, which is reported to have over 2 million free and paid subscribers. Google charges $50 to its customers for enhanced features in its partner edition.

Wall Street Journal

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