Google Nexus One available for Android Devs

Aug 9, 2010

Google reportedly sold it's last shipment of the Nexus One smartphone and did not have the units for sale so from that moment on your only option for becoming an owner of the HTC-made Google Nexus One were Google's partners (operators and retailers). Two days ago, however, they quietly put the device up for sale at the Android Developers website since the Nexus One has just become the new Android Developer Phone, replacing the aged ADP2.

In order to take advantage of that new option, though, you have to be a registered Android developer. If you happen to be one, just log into your Android Developer account and follow the "Development Phones" link. The Nexus One is easily upgradeable to Froyo 2.2 with just a few taps.

The phone itself is being sold for the original SIM-free, factory unlocked price of 529 USD, coming up to around Rs. 45,361.