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Google Launches $1999 Hangouts Meet Kit To Make Virtual Business Meetings Glitch Free


Google has come up with a new Hangouts Meet hardware that aims at making virtual meeting better than a regular webcam, thanks to the intelligent features it is adorned with.

Hangouts Meet is designed to revolutionise the regular Hangout into an enhanced chat system build for enterprises. Hangouts Meet hardware is a set of tools designed for handling virtual corporate meets and is clubbed with a touchscreen controller, 4K camera, speaker mic, and the Asus Chromebox.

Nothing Phone 1 to Be Sold via Invites

Together, Hangouts Meet hardware works for businesses to have virtual conferences without compromising the video quality. In addition to its integration with Google Hangouts video chat, Hangouts Meet hardware also supports Google Calendar with options to go through schedules and join scheduled meetings just with a single tap on the touchscreen. For the ones who have G Suite Enterprise, they can also record the sessions and save them to Google Drive.

Huddly Go 4K camera with wide-angle

Video on Hangouts Meet Hardware is recorded with the Huddly Go 4K camera that also supports 120-degree angle that will fit more participants in the field of view. Besides, the better viewing angle, Huddly Go also uses machine learning to adjust the video according to the number of participants in the chat. It recognises the number of people in the frame and then adjusts lighting and volume accordingly. It can also detect which participant is talking and then uses digital zoom and tilt to frame the speaker.

Huddly states that the 4K camera’s wide-angle view, compact design, and software paired with API program provided an ideal setting for the pairing with Hangouts Meet hardware.

The Huddly camera in the Hangouts hardware suit is controlled through the touchscreen controller and can also be used on a laptop via HDMI port. Google is responsible for the design of the speaker mic that eliminates echoes and background noise. Users can use up to five of the mics according to the size of the meetings. Asus Chromebox binds it all together including automatic hardware updates.

Additional features for G Suite Enterprise Users

The announcement from Google also brings new features for G Suite Enterprise, including more countries on the dial-in option, meetings up to 50 people, along with an option to record sessions and save them to Google Drive.

Pricing for complete Hangouts Meet Hardware and Huddly Go camera separately

Hangouts Meet Hardware is priced at $1,999. For the users who are only interested in the Huddly Go camera, can get it for $499 separately.