Google-Branded Wireless Headphones With Noise Canceling Show Up at the FCC – Images


After launching the Pixel duo last year, Google appears to be on its way to becoming more than just the developer and "maintainer" of Android. The search giant is now apparently following its archenemy and working to release its own audio accessories. While we hadn't heard anything about it before, a set of Google-branded headphones has just appeared in a new FCC filing.

Google-branded wireless headphones show up at FCC

A pair of Google-made headphones were spotted at the Federal Communications Commissions this morning with several pictures, specs, and more details tagging along. The audio accessory is named as "Bluetooth and ANC headphone," featuring an over-the-ear design that’s anything but innovative.

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The headphones feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that can be switched on and off using a dedicated toggle. One side of the Google headphones also features a power button. The wireless headphones flaunt a simple Google logo that is not actually a logo but four Google colors arranged in a circle.

Identified as "GID5B," the headphones carry a 600mAh battery that charges through a microUSB, according to the FCC filing. Looking at the spotted images, the cups have thick padding, almost bordering on being ugly. Additionally, the Google headphones support Bluetooth, have an AUX connector, and have a battery life of 25 hours over Bluetooth and 16 hours with ANC enabled.

For years, consumers had believed that Google's manufacturing partners like HTC, Sony and Samsung will act fast when it comes to Android updates once they face a competition directly from Google. Last year's launch of Pixel and Pixel XL has proven that this strategy works, as we have seen OEMs being more aggressive when it comes to security and feature updates this year. Is Google continuing to work in the same direction, now planning to offer its own accessories, as well? If so, at least this audio accessory doesn't look half as pretty as it should.

Here are the images spotted in the FCC filing:

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[Update]: Possibly something for Googlers

AndroidPolice reports - refering to a tipster - that these wireless headphones are more likely built to replace the current model used by Google employees. "Google issues headphones to a large number of its employees, and the current model is getting quite long in the tooth," AP reported. Here's the image of the audio accessory that is currently being used by Googlers.

So yep, no reason to get excited.